3 Tips For Getting More Local Reviews

Getting more local reviews for your company is a new dilemma facing every local business.  After the recent Google changes that now make customer reviews much more prominent, 5-STAR valid customer reviews are more valuable than ever before!

It’s unfortunate that this statement has to even be associated with reviews but here goes:  DO NOT make up reviews.  It’s just not right.  You want genuine reviews from your actual customers.  It’s your job to make sure they have a good experience with your company!  (Plus, everyone can spot a fake review so just don’t do it.)

However, here are 3 tips for getting more reviews that your prospective customers will appreciate when they are searching for your services online:

1.  Complete your company profiles on Google+ Local, Yelp, Insiderpages, and the rest of the key online directories.

Be sure to provide information about the company, how you got started, your main products or services, and anything else that may help your customers learn more about you.  Also take advantage of any opportunities to add photos and videos.  People really like to look at photos of your staff, your offices, your products, even your company trucks!  And they LOVE watching video testimonials from your clients!  Not all directory sites allow videos but take the opportunity to add them whenever you have the chance.

2.  Be sure to encourage and ask for customer feedback.

Don’t be a pest but there’s nothing wrong with telling your customers you would appreciate their feedback.  Especially if they volunteer comments like ” this was the best steak I’ve ever eaten”, or “we always enjoy the prompt service we get here”.    Don’t miss the opportunity to ask them for a testimonial or even direct them to a link or a website where they can leave their comments.  Consider having a QR code that they can scan, then automatically be taken to your review site.  Strike while the opportunity is hot!

3.  Make time to respond to your reviews – whether they are good or bad.

This takes a little time but the payoff is huge for your business!  While it may be easier to respond to the good reviews, you’ll build a lot more trust by addressing the negative ones as well.  Be honest in your response and view it as an opportunity to look at the situation from your customer’s point of view.  Negative reviews are very helpful in finding the problems in your business that may be a huge hindrance to your growth.  Your goal is to get that customer to give you another chance.  And it lets all of your customers know that you value them and what they have to say.

Remember that customers today are using the internet – and customer reviews – more every single day to help them make large and small buying decisions.

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