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Where are the Google ads?

Yep, Google has changed something else yet again. There are no more ads showing along the right side (rail) of the page with desktop viewing. While this change was a shock to many people, Google has been hinting with subtle changes in some areas for awhile but it appears this is rolling out everywhere now. What Else Has Changed? In addition to […]

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Watch The Clock On Customer Surveys

When is the last time you asked your customers to complete a survey?  Been awhile?  You still need the information.  You still need to know what they think of your business.  After all, that’s your reputation. … think mobile … think short … Are you challenged with determining the best way to get that information in today’s paperless, fast-moving culture? For […]

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A Review Is A Public Referral

Remember when you first started your business? Your early success depended on your good service, good products, good delivery, good craftsmanship, AND the reputation you built with your new customers. Plus, your business grew when satisfied customers spread the word and referred your business to their friends and family. It’s really not that much different today. Except that “spreading the […]

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