Google+ Is A Must

Google recently merged its Google Places or Maps listings with their Google+ listings.  Still intended especially for listing local businesses, Google knows that consumers primarily use the internet to search for local products and services.

And as long as you know how Google evaluates your local listing, it’s not difficult to rank higher on the list. But therein lies the challenge! Not only is it challenging to understand their guidelines, Google continually changes them!

For example, this graphic shows the page viewers see when they search for ‘North Palm Beach Dentist’ on Google. Take note of the Google+ page listings and the Score (Which is a score of their reviews.  Total score possible is 30.)  Not shown in this graphic is the map that shows placement of these listings’ geographical location.

Even though the number of listings may vary on each page, local businesses want to make sure they show up on this first page of results because very few people ever click to see the listings on the next page!

Our job is to make sure your Google listing is set up correctly and you have the web presence and credibility that Google evaluates in their ranking process. When all the pieces are in place, your listing will rank higher on the Google list and your competitors’ listings will either move down or off to the next page!

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