Marketing Your Online Reputation

Ask any business owner what their clients think about them and they will say, “They love us!  They tell us all the time!”  Unfortunately, those conversations alone dMarket Your Reputationo not help you get more customers or market your online reputation.

While those compliments are very nice to hear, it’s so much more important that other people hear how much your clients love you since those other people could become paying customers!  Plus, those other people are looking online to see what your customers are saying about your products or services before they make their buying decision.

It’s time to turn those conversations (or those written testimonial letters in your bottom desk drawer) into online marketing tools to help you get more new customers.

Once we help a business Build their reputation by gathering client feedback and reviews, we can use those words to help Market their reputation online for others to see. Depending on the business needs and situation, here are just a few ways we can strengthen an organization’s online reputation:

  • Sending real-time updates with client reviews to their website
  • Posting their positive client reviews on social media
  • Creating a professional video review commercial using one of their client reviews
  • Using videos to position the business owner as an expert in the industry

A critical part of any marketing strategy is using that positive feedback to get more customers and grow your business!

We help companies Market their reputation online by sharing their story to reach potential buyers.

We specialize in helping businesses MANAGE, BUILD, and MARKET their 5-STAR reputation online. Contact us for more information about developing a 5-STAR reputation for your business.


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