Watch The Clock On Customer Surveys

When is the last time you asked your customers to complete a survey?  Been awhile?  You still need the information.  You still need to know what they think of your business.  After all, that’s your reputation.IMG_1116

… think mobile … think short …

Are you challenged with determining the best way to get that information in today’s paperless, fast-moving culture?

For sure, it certainly isn’t mailing them a multi-page document with loads of questions and expecting them to return it in your self- addressed, stamped envelope!

… think mobile … think short …

It’s more important for business owners to know their customers more than ever before.

I’m not talking about being able to address them by first name or ask about their pet (although that is a nice touch).

I’m talking about knowing the habits and lifestyle of their customers.  Think about how they make decisions.  How they communicate.

… think mobile … think short …

For most business owners, that means they need to recognize the importance of mobile devices to their customers.  Consumers have their phones with them an average of 22 hours a day!  What about the other 2 hours you say?  You can bet that phone is not far away.

So, if that’s the communication mode of choice, be prepared to ask for feedback in a way that’s mobile-friendly AND won’t take much time to complete.  Remember, attention span and time available are both extremely abbreviated.

Tips For Successfully Getting Customer Feedback 

1.  Make your questions available in a mobile format that’s easy to read and answer on a smaller surface.

2.  Short and sweet.  A well prepared survey cannot consist of four pages worth of questions.  Remember short attention span.

3.  Whomever is developing the questions MUST be diligent about editing.  Every question MUST be essential and have a very good reason for asking it.

4. ONLY ask the questions that are vital to your business or product growth.  No room for fluff or throw-away questions.

5.  Don’t ask the same question in a different way.  Your customers will not tolerate time wasters.

6.  If you have too many essential questions, figure out how to categorize them and separate into multiple surveys delivered over time.  If they are quick and easy to complete, your customers won’t mind responding to several requests over time.

7.  It’s all about the customer experience.  Make your questions easy to read, easy to respond, and easy to deliver.  Your technology must work seamlessly.


Bottom line, no business owner should operate in a vacuum without requesting and monitoring customer attitudes.  Business owners who think they have all the answers have overlooked the most important data, the opinions of their customers.


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