Where are the Google ads?

Yep, Google has changed something else yet again. There are no more ads showing along the right side (rail) of the page with desktop viewing.

Small Business Internet Marketing ProsWhile this change was a shock to many people, Google has been hinting with subtle changes in some areas for awhile but it appears this is rolling out everywhere now.

What Else Has Changed?

In addition to the side ads disappearing, here’s what you’ll also see different on most Google search results pages:

1.  Google will be showing at least three and sometimes four paid ads at the top of the search results page.  Local listings and organic search results will be shown below these top ads.  Apparently, four ads will be shown for those searches deemed to be “highly commercial queries”which mean those that have perceived high intent to buy (Examples provided by Google:  “hotels” or “car rentals”).

This may be great news for advertisers who now have another spot open for their ad at the top of the page. However, it also means organic search results will be pushed farther down the page … more scrolling.


2.  Three text ads will now show at the bottom of the page – below the organic results.

Before there was a possibility for 11 ads on a page, now only 7.  Meaning, that has truly become prime real estate on the page – especially the top 4 ads. Since supply is now less, will costs increase?  Time will tell.


There is speculation that Google may continue to display and test Product Listing Ads (PLA’s) on the right side along with ads within the Knowledge Graph.

Just another day in the life of Google.  Change and more change.  Ebb and flow.