Why is reputation marketing vital for your business?

When you think about the changes in how we communicate and make buying decisions in the past 30 years it’s easy to understand why reputation marketing is so important to the success of your business.

We live with technology that allows Susie to walk out of the restaurant, immediately login to her Facebook account and complain about the bad service she just received. While Bob can go to Yelp and leave a comment about how his roofing contractor was late that morning and even left early yesterday. Or Jennifer might even leave a great comment on Google about her wonderful dentist!

While we’ve always known that good customer service and strong product offerings are important for any business, NOW your customers can instantly use the Internet to voice their feedback and recommendations for all the world to see! And this alone can make or break your business – especially when you understand how your potential buyer uses this information to make their buying decisions.

Understanding Buyer Trends

  • More than 67% of customers online read business reviews before they make a purchase
  • 72% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations
  • A business needs to have 6-10 reviews for a potential customer to feel those reviews are credible for the business
  • 70% of customers trust a business that has 6-10 reviews

You may be thinking “We already do our best to provide good customer service but some of those things are out of our control”. And, yes, that certainly happens. They key is how you handle it and how you implement a reputation marketing strategy.

We work with small businesses to help them develop and implement a strong online reputation marketing strategy. Contact us to talk about how we can get you on a clear path to your 5-STAR Reputation :

  1. First, we must build your 5-STAR Reputation
  2. Second, it’s critical to market your 5-STAR Reputation so others will see it
  3. Next we need to manage that reputation
  4. AND, we need to create a “reputation marketing culture” in your organization

It’s time you start taking control of your online reputation – your customers are looking for you right now!



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